Image Gallery

Special Colorful design on cooler cover

  • 1. With self-designed cooler, the height is only 1.7CM.
  • 2. Using Aluminum Drawing Techniques on surface of
    the cover, and making the vents by following the air flue, by inheriting the Shark-inspired Bionic design.

Special design on cooler fins

  • Using the Fin Slanting Design, in which fins are in parallel with the diagonal of the framework rectangle
    of the graphics card. With this design, the surface of the fins could be greatly increased.

Special design on PCB

  • Choke Threaded Design
  • Silver-Plating Technology
  • Massive POSCAP Capacitors onboard
  • Full interfaces quipped, providing 2 dual-link DVI ports with EMI Shield and one mini HMDI port